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Terms & Conditions

Enforcement of Conditions:

These terms of trade shall apply to all invoices issued by GadgetBuy unless amended in writing by an officer of GadgetBuy. By accepting delivery pursuant to any purchase order placed on GadgetBuy, the buyer accepts these terms and conditions contained herein.

Trading Hours:

GadgetBuy operates from Monday to Friday – 9.00am to 5.00pm excluding public holidays, Eastern Standard time.

Contact outside these hours may be achieved via email at

Refund Policy:

We do not offer a refund or exchange just because you changed your mind.  If a refund is offered, a 20% restocking fee may be charged, as returned goods can no longer be "resold" as new.


All products listed on the GadgetBuy web site are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship from date of purchase for a 12 month period.

Warranty excludes, normal wear and tear, accidental or deliberate damage, power supplies and batteries, (so check battery levels before returning).  Please check your shipment immediately upon receipt and notify GadgetBuy within seven days if something is missing or faulty.

Goods must be packaged in a secure method with a minimum of 2cm depth of bubble wrap or similar material for protection during transport. Failure to comply with this requirement could void your warranty.

Products that are returned for warranty repair will be forward shipped at the customer’s expense. After assessment, and if the products are covered under warranty, we will pay return freight costs. However, if a fault cannot be found, and the product is deemed to be in good working order or not covered by warranty, the customer pays shipping both ways and pays GadgetBuy a $25 service fee prior to the return of the products.  If the goods are covered under warranty, we will pay for the return costs only, and for the repair or replacement of the product as we see fit.

Return Authorisation:

Prior to sending a product back for warranty a customer warranty return form and a return authorization number is required. Please contact the GadgetBuy office on 1300 779 289.


Please send by registered post or courier to:

P.O. Box 324
VIC 3950


Wherever possible GadgetBuy ships orders via courier. We will at all times endeavour to ship your purchase as soon as possible. We will not be held responsible for late arrival of orders due to shipping delays.


Please advise GadgetBuy on your order form if you require insurance. International and local shipping insurance is at your cost and at your request only.

Special note:

GadgetBuy and associated entities do not accept any liability whatsoever for any injury, loss or damage sustained by the buyer however arising, from the use or ownership of products purchased from GadgetBuy.

It is the buyers sole responsibility to check for the legality of use of the product/s they wish to purchase from the GadgetBuy website for their country / region / state, where they live.  GadgetBuy will not be held responsible for the use of banned / illegal products.

Bench Work:

Our Standard rate for repairs is $50 per half hour.


We use PayPal exclusively for your security.

At no time do we know your credit card details.