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50pcs Solder Seal Heat Shrink Butt Wire Connector Terminals Copper
50pcs Solder Seal Heat Shrink Butt Wire Connector Terminals Copper Description: An easy..
720P HD Wireless Inspection Camera with 3.5 Inch Detachable Monitor (DVR + CREE Flashlight)
This wireless inspection camera lets you see a clear, high-definition image of problems in hard t..
Advanced Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer - Laser Targeting and Emissivity Adjustment
Advanced Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting/Emissivity Adjustment: with new ad..
Autorange Digital Multimeter with Alarm - Thermocouple Temp Gauge, 2.5 Inch Display
Autorange Digital multimeter with built in alarms as well as an included thermocouple temperature..
Cable Tracker and Tester - Sender/Receiver Kit, 100-300kHz Frequency Range
Cable tracker and checker for electric wires and phone lines. Designed to identify and trace..
DC AC Clamp Meter Multimeter - Continuity + Diode Test, True RMS for AC
DC/AC Clamp Meter Multimeter with full spectrum AC and DC battery testing as well as continuity a..
Digital Laser Photo Tachometer Non Contact RPM Tach Tool Meter
Description: Measures the RPM of any rotational part. Large LCD displaying Wide measurin..
Digital Light Meter - LuxMeter x100 - Accurate & Handheld
Digital Light Meter - LuxMeter x100 - Handheld digital lux meter The GBT-G93  LuxMete..
Digital Multimeter - 8 Function Edition
Digital Multimeter, which is a special 8 Function Edition can measure a vast range of voltages, c..
Digital Multimeter - NCV Detection, Autorange, CAT III 600V
Pen type digital multimeter with non-contact voltage sensor which is great for home wiring projec..
Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Sound Velocity Measurement
This state-of-the-art Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is the most accurate way to measure the ..
Electronic Digital Screen Display Caliper - Stainless Steel Construction
Electronic Digital Caliper - Stainless Steel Construction: Digital electronic caliper with..
Head Visor Magnifying Glasses
Head Visor Magnifying Glasses - Magnifying glasses mounted on head visor - great for craftsmen or..
High Accuracy Ultrasonic Distance Estimator - 0.6 To 15 Meters, Back Light
High Accuracy Ultrasonic Distance Estimator is a measuring device that is ideal from measuring di..
Industrial Grade Wireless Inspection Camera - 3.5 Inch Color Monitor + DVR, Waterproof
Waterproof Wireless Inspection Camera with a 3.5 Inch Color Monitor is the perfect addition to yo..
Mini Sound Level Meter - High Accuracy, 35 to 130 Decibels
A mini version of our popular H53 High Accuracy Decibels Sound Level Meter (30 to 130 Decibels), ..
Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting and LCD Display
Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting/LCD Display, handy tool that gives you accu..
Professional OBD-II and EOBD Code Scanner - 3Inch LCD Display
The Ultimate code scanner with large LCD display screen for gearheads and average car owners. ..
Ultrasonic Tape Measurer "Estimator" - 60 Meter Range, Waterproof
Ultrasonic distance measurer, the “Estimator”, is a highly accurate ultrasonic laser measure ..
Wind Speed Meter - Thermometer, Meaures Air Velocity
Wind Speed Meter is also referred to as a digital Anemometer with thermometer is an ideal portabl..